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About Us

Since 1979, The B2B Writer has provided creative approaches to marketing communications and public relations for clients in a variety of industries.

Some of the clients for whom we have created and produced MARCOM and PR include:

  • Natl Assoc. of Purchasing Management
  • National Regulatory Services
  • Konica-Minolta
  • Avco Lycoming Textron
  • Bay Path College
  • Fiscal Training Solutions
  • First National Merchant Solutions
  • The Kidder Company
  • Stanadyne Diesel Systems
  • The Carlin Company
  • Imaging Solutions
  • UMass Five College Credit Union

In addition, we have had articles published in regional, national and international magazines including Yankee, Deco and World Trade magazines. We were also the editor of a regional B2B magazine.

No Sale. No Heat!
A manufacturer of home heating systems had a problem. Their newly designed, energy efficient furnace worked great but HVAC techs in the field were stymied -- they couldn't understand the assembly instructions.

As a result, the manufacturer had to send  engineers to job sites to supervise numerous  installations, which was time consuming and expensive.

The B2B Writer wrote a video script showing in detail the proper assembly and installation procedures. From that script, an eight minute video was produced for use by field technicians.

Who benefited?

  • The HVAC techs who could quickly and correctly install the unit.
  • The manufacturer who sold the video to the techs and recouped some of their production costs
  • The B2B Writer who won an Industry Award for Best Training Video.

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