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The B2B Process

Position. Position. Position.

Few companies are all things to all people. We help clients determine their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and their target market before we suggest specific tactics. Using a Positioning Statement, we and the client can identify the target markets, the features and benefits attractive to at market, the best medium to access and more.

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Benefits Rule

People buy benefits not features. The Yugo (pictured here) had basic features but was hopelessly unreliable. People wanted reliability, safety, performance, etc.

We help clients focus on the benefits their product or service provides clients and prospects. Knowing the overriding benefit and ancillary benefits provides a format into which we can plug the related features and advantages.

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Project Management

Many small and medium size companies don't need a large agency to manage their project. But because of our agency and in-house experience, we can "partner" with clients on projects.

Whether is requires providing creative direction to graphic artists, writing and producing a video for YouTubeTM, or helping to organize a trade      show exhibit, we make that project our business so the client can go about his or her business.

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