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Helpful Hints

From our experience in marketing communications and public relations, both as an independent consultant and in-house staff, we have "picked up" a few tips that can be helpful to clients and prospects alike.

A challenge for professional and non-professional writers can be how to get started. A blank piece of paper, or blank computer screen, can be intimidating. One workable technique for getting words on a page is called free writing. Free writing sort of lets you use the creative side of your brain to put words on paper and then use the critical side to edit and revise. Here's an example.

Reading Level
In marketing communications, less is more. People prefer to read and understand information quickly and easily. Therefore, writing should be at an 8th-to-10th grade reading level. Keep sentences short. Use common words. Use the active voice. For example, this page contains 273 words, reads at a 7.3 grade level and 99% of the sentences are active voice.

It is not uncommon to write something then read it and miss seeing a typo of a lack of transition between thoughts. Just re-reading is not sufficient. Here's the best way to proofread. Give two people each a copy of the writing. One person reads it aloud while the second person follows along silently. It almost guarantees error-free content.

Click Flicks
A study by Comscore states that You Tube, which accounts for more than 90% of online video consumption, topped over 100 million viewers per month. The highlights of this research revealed fascinating trends about the ways Americans consume inline videos, including an overwhelming preference for short videos (about 3 minutes long). If you're a small to mid-size business, having your own Click Flick on YouTube can be a great -- and inexpensive -- way to promote your self. For more information on producing a Click Flick send us a request. Watch a Click Flick.

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